Mr. Marks's 8th Grade Page

Homework Assignments


-Slavery and Reform Packet: (This is if you do not have an Internet connection and must do work by hand. Get copy from District Office after 3/16.)
-G.C.: TCI 18.2-18.4 (Due ALL CORES 3/31; ALWAYS BY 8:15 AM)
-G.C.: Watch TCI 18.2-18.4 Lecture (ALL CORES 4/1)
-G.C.: Quiz Question (Due ALL CORES 4/1 by 9:00 PM)
-G.C.: TCI 18.5-18.7 (Due ALL CORES 4/2; ALWAYS BY 8:15 AM)
-G.C.: Watch TCI 18.5-18.7 Lecture (ALL CORES 4/3)
-G.C.: Quiz Question (Due ALL CORES by 9:00 PM)


-TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (Begins After Spring Break)
-Google Classroom: Words Do Not Pay (Due 4/1)
-Google Classroom: The Nobel Prize (Postponed. Keep Safe)
-Google Classroom: Freedom of the Press (Postponed. Keep Safe)
-Return The Giver Book (When we return to school)

Language Arts

-Poetry Unit (TBA)
-Google Classroom: EXTRA CREDIT: SHORT STORY WRITING ASSIGNMENT (This assignment is now optional. Part 1 is worth 10 extra credit points. Doing Part 2 as well is worth 30 extra credit points. Due 4/17)


-*UPDATE*: Any late work from March 13th onward will be forgiven (no 50% off) as long as the work is eventually turned in.
-ALWAYS go to Google Classroom/Social Studies for Zoom Links in order to join your Core classes for the district-mandated block schedule.
-Finished with schoolwork? Bored? Go to my Student Use Page: