Mr. Marks's 8th Grade Page

Homework Assignments


-Glencoe 11.2 (Due 2/25)
-TCI 15.5 & Glencoe 495-497 (Due 2/27)
-Manifest Destiny Storyteller #2 (Due 2/12)
Manifest Destiny Map Quiz 2 (TBA)
-MANIFEST DESTINY MAP ON G. MY MAPS (Due when packet is due)


-The Giver (Read in Class and Home)
-Google Classroom: The Giver Activity 2 (Due When Book is Finished)
-Google Classroom: The Giver Activity 4 (TBA)

Language Arts

-Punctuating Dialogue Quiz (2/28)
-WP pgs. 127-128 (Due 2/26)
-WP 137-138 (Due 3/3)
-Study pgs. 129, 131-135 (A Little Every Day)