Mr. Marks's 8th Grade Page

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you grade?

I grade on a point system. Grades are calculated by dividing a student’s total earned points by the total points possible. This is turned into a percentage, and the percentage is translated into a letter grade. Here is a list of possible grades:

100% = A+ 93% – 99% = A 90% – 92% = A-
87% – 89% = B+ 83% – 86% = B 80% – 82% = B-
77% – 79% = C+ 73% – 76% = C 70% – 72% = C-
67% – 69% = D+ 63% – 66% = D 60% – 62% = D-
59% and below = F

Grades are based on homework, writing assignments, projects, and are heavily weighted on the side of quizzes and tests. Doing homework is essential for passing quizzes and tests.

What materials are used in class?

  • One 2-inch binder for social studies and language arts combined. Dividers with labels are a good idea.
  • White binder paper – 8 1/2 x 11 college rule
  • Black ballpoint pens only
  • One pair of medium-sized scissors
  • Mini stapler
  • Two glue sticks
  • One set of eight colored pencils
  • One 12-inch ruler
  • # 2 pencils or cheap mechanical pencils with erasers
  • White-out tape (no liquid White-out please)
  • A dictionary (medium size)
  • A set of highlighters (3 different colors)

What is your policy on late work?

Assignments are collected daily. Work must be turned in with a complete heading and title by the start of your first class with Mr. Marks. Maximum scores for late work in Core:

Type of Work 6th grade 7th grade 8th grade
Regular work 70% 60% 50%
Large Projects or assignments worth over 100


70% 70% 70%
Missing work will have a 0 in the gradebook until submitted and graded.

Teacher discretion applies. Get teacher permission to submit anything over a week old. No late assignments will be accepted during grading week at the end of each semester. 

By what process should I make up work due to an absence?

It is your responsibility to make up late work due to an absence. Mr. Marks will not remind you that the work needs to be done. You should check the homework page, ask a fellow student, or ask Mr. Marks what needs to be done if it is not clear. You have up to seven days to make up work if your absence is from an illness or family emergency. After that time, department policy for late work will apply. In addition, if you are aware of an assignment’s due date, and you are absent for reasons other than illness or family emergency, it is expected that you will have the work completed by the day you return, and be prepared to take any of the tests or quizzes for that week.

Do you offer extra credit?

Students wanting extra credit must write a proposal. Proposals may be accepted or refused. Do not rely on extra credit to improve your grades. You cannot earn or use extra credit if you have any missing assignments.

Do you offer test or quiz retakes?

Department policy states that there will be no retakes of any kind.

If I do poorly on an assignment, may I resubmit it?

Only large assignments that earned less than 89% may be resubmitted. If you would like to resubmit an assignment, you must first get permission from Mr. Marks. There is no guarantee that Mr. Marks will allow you to resubmit any work.

When do you give major tests (tests that likely take at least a half hour to complete)?

Major tests will usually be given Fridays. Quizzes can be given any day of the school week.

I noticed that sometimes you write, “See me” on my homework. Why?

I write “See Me” when I feel your performance on an assignment implies you have not grasped a concept being taught in class. It should be taken seriously, so please make sure to come talk with me and, if necessary, make an appointment to come to tutorial.

Do you offer a tutorial?

Yes. If you need a little extra help on an assignment or understanding a concept, I will be available on Thursdays, from 3:10 to 4:00. Please make an appointment. Do not show up empty handed. Make sure you have something you want help on before coming to tutorial. I tutor language arts only. There will be no tutorials on SLCT days.

When do you read your email?

I read my email during the school day before 3:30 PM. I generally do not read my email after 3:30 PM or on weekends. Do not expect to get a timely reply from me if you email me after 3:30 PM or on the weekends. I will try to get to your email either the next day or Monday after the weekend.

What is the Thursday envelope, and how does it work?

The Thursday envelope is a big, white envelope you use to take home corrected work. It is given on a Thursday and must be returned empty on Friday that same week. It is between you and your parents whether you will go over the work with them. Failure to return a Thursday envelope on time will result in a four-ticket fine. By the way, DO NOT throw your large assignments, quizzes, or tests away. They may help as study guides or help you improve on future assignments.